Craig Inglis has been knowingly undersold


On the same day media personality Janet Street-Porter used her Daily Mail column to call for John Lewis to sack marketing director Craig Inglis, Inglis was named as the Marketing Society’s 2011 ’marketer of the year’. Inglis triumphed ahead of heavyweight business figures such as Aviva CMO Amanda Mackenzie and O2 marketing director Sally Cowdry. […]

Showrooms for improvement weather storm


DIY retailers have responded to the slowdown in the housing market by tailoring their products towards home owners looking to improve, rather than move, according to research seen exclusively by Marketing Week. The demise of DIY retail chain Focus last month is an unfortunate, yet apt, way to illustrate the difficult times the sector faces. […]

Maternity is a right

Keeping mum: A silent prejudice?

I have to say I am disappointed in the Secret Marketer’s reaction to a pregnant employee. It’s a good job he is secret, as his opinion that “should people choose to manipulate maternity leave in their favour you can end up in a right mess” is hardly something his HR department would be happy to […]

Why does the men’s beauty sector look so beastly?

Dry fact: Men still don’t moisturise

Your piece on the beauty sector (Looking good is a premium worth paying, MW 19 May) was on the whole a great market overview. However, the analysis of the men’s sector as “mature” struck me as a little misguided. Don’t be swayed by the perma-tanned gents in The Only Way Is Essex in the UK, […]

No.1 sponsors could desert suspect FIFA

That four of the biggest FIFA sponsors Coca-Cola, Adidas, Visa and Emirates have registered their concern over recent allegations of corruption surrounding football’s governing body is highly significant for several reasons. Sponsors have an enormous stake in FIFA, providing it with around 40% of its income. The recent past illustrates that sponsors don’t tend to […]

Can marketers save the planet?

Climate change, carbon offsets, solar power, wind farms, renewable energy, nuclear, Fukushima, population growth, poverty, starvation, GM vs organic farming, fair trade and ethical business, recycling, rainforest destruction, endangered species, cleantech. Just a few of the issues facing our planet. If, like me, you are genuinely interested and concerned by many of these topics, but […]

Variety is the lifeblood of consumer research

Today’s marketers seem all too ready to resort to focus groups, to the exclusion of other rich sources of insight into consumer behaviour. As time goes by and my nasal hair proliferates, the more disenchanted I become with the way in which marketers are using focus groups. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the […]

Human face of brands receives an e-makeover


Field marketing may be an unrivalled way to get products into the hands of consumers, but our expert panel tells Lou Cooper that it must be an integral part of the marketing mix. Ross Webster: Managing director of sales, European markets, The Weather Channel Dermot Ryan: Joint director, electronic, ’cigarette’ brand E-Lites Sarah Hurle: Customer […]

Beware the enemy at the side of the gate


Earlier this year Nokia’s new CEO addressed a giant meeting of the company’s employees. Stephen Elop surveyed a room of more than 11,000 Nokia engineers and then asked a rather unusual question: “How many of you use an iPhone?” There was, as you might imagine, a very long pause. And then slowly around the room […]

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