1 August 2013

Case Study: Mariachi Doritos Vine videos, #DoritosNameThatTune

In what is traditionally a time for chocolate brands to spend money on marketing, Doritos ran a Vine campaign at Easter with a competition using the hashtag ‘name that tune’. It saw the Marketing Week Engage Award-winning Mariachi Doritos, the brand’s band that launched in the UK in summer 2012, perform clips for fans to guess in return for prizes.

Short-burst video is worth an eyeball but don’t lose sight of the ROI

Branwell Johnson

There are always new kids on the social media block and right now the latest gang in town are the image-led platforms that reach audiences via apps and include Snapchat, Twitter’s Vine and Facebook’s Instagram. What they have in common is that they offer the ability to easily share very short clips of video content or still images – and in Snapchat’s case imagery that only exists for a few seconds before self-deleting. Welcome to the world of instant or short-burst marketing.

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