Global strategy: adopt a ‘glocal’ structure

Fundamentally, Santander’s business is built around understanding customers. The first thing it does when it comes into a market is to get to understand the customer base better than the business it’s buying. This idea of having your business built on your customers is a thing that applies to all the markets it operates in. Keith Moor, director of brand and communications at Santander tells us more.

Mind the gap

The gap between consumers’ perceptions of a brand’s image and the actual experience, as measured by The Promise Index, raises some tricky questions for marketers.

Global strategy: adopt a ‘glocal’ structure

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Quality and nostalgia is potent mix

Best known for manufacturing blank cassettes from which music fans made mixtapes, TDK is going back to what the brand stands for to carve out a new niche in the audio hardware market

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