Visa plans rapid roll out of mobile payments

Visa NFC

Mobile World Congress: Visa’s president John Partridge claims mobile payments will be so ubiquitous that people born in the past five years will never own a physical wallet. Read the full story here. For all our Mobile World Congress 2012 coverage, click here

Google’s privacy policy explained


From today (March 1) Google is combining data from across all of its products including search, video-sharing platform YouTube and social network Google+, to create a detailed profile of people’s interests.

Mark Ritson: Brand equity must drive communications

In the past decade, several big consumer brands – in particular Stella Artois, Cadbury and Guinness – lost sight of the priority of branding over communications. Put simply, the advertising tail began to wag the branding dog to the detriment of long-term brand equity. I highlight Stella, Cadbury and Guinness because their loss of direction […]

The Secret Marketer tells agencies and suppliers to be honest

Secret Marketer

Is it just me, or are marketing agencies and suppliers getting more desperate and lazy in their approaches for new business? Perhaps it’s a consequence of email and social media taking the cost and the graft out of it, as per my point last week, so that business development people no longer have to care […]

Toy giant aims to bring personality into play

Will and Kate

The outlook is bright for Mattel. Not only has it acquired Thomas the Tank Engine owner Hit Entertainment, the company behind Barbie is using marketing to make an emotional connection with parents.

Social media is opportunity to interact with customers

The perceived lack of effectiveness conveyed by the CIM’s social media report (Cover Story, MW 16 February) suggests that many marketers fail to understand what their customers are actually using social media for. If marketers are solely focused on using Facebook and Twitter as an acquisition tool then they will be disappointed. Our Global Perspectives […]

Paper-based vouchers are still dominant

No less than 85% of the £4bn a year UK gift card and voucher market is represented by paper-based vouchers and gift cards. In fact, 2011 saw a growth in the number of paper-based vouchers purchased, which likely reflects the wider economy as businesses incorporate employee incentive and engagement schemes, and reward staff with gift […]

Opportunity knocks in the unlikeliest of places

Ruth Mortimer

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a product.” Alright, perhaps that isn’t exactly how Jane Austen began her famous novel Pride & Prejudice, but it certainly rings true that marketers are often focused on affluent males. Yet it is perhaps […]

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