1 November 2012

Brands to be forced to release data


Companies will be forced into providing consumers instant digital access to data collected for marketing purposes if they fail to do so voluntarily under Government proposals to accelerate progress of its midata initiative.

Is Bond right to say youth isn’t a guarantee of innovation?

Probably since the Stone Age and the invention of the wheel, mankind has been striving for invention and innovation. Every single piece of market research I have done with customers – in every sector I have worked in – has pointed to a demand for innovation; and in my current business, it is the one criticism that I hear most from our customers. Despite pointing to the many examples of where we believe we have pushed the boundaries, our customers want more.

HMV has hit a wrong note with its corporate stance

Ruth Mortimer

Retailer HMV has decided to ask staff to cover up any “prominent” tattoos and body piercings in a bid to improve shoppers’ experience. In what must count as the final nail in the coffin of HMV’s rock and roll reputation, the company says it feels a more “consistent approach” to staff appearance will meet the expectations of customers who have to be at the “heart of everything” the brand does.

Brands that have taken advantage of the US election

Pizza Hut Pizza Hut attempted to hijack the presidential election debate on 16 October with an offer to give one person ‘free pizza for life’ (a $520 gift card every year for up to 30 years) if they asked Obama and Romney whether they preferred sausage or pepperoni on their pizza. The stunt attracted plenty […]

Brand Obama vs brand Romney: Who’s winning?

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have campaigned for the US presidency on the basis of two very different visions, with the former running under the slogan ‘Forward’ and Romney using ‘Believe in America’. But despite the differences between their political ideas, both men have remained closely tied in the polls ahead of the election on 6 November.

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