1 October 1998

Who went down on The Oriana?

There is only so much that can be said about marketing, advertising and related services. So after beavering away all day on the good ship Oriana, the 800 delegates at this year’s Marketing Forum turned their attentions to other matters. Sex was naturally at the top of the agenda, and wedding rings were discreetly slipped […]

Mercury Asset Management seeks chief for new-look marketing team

Mercury Asset Management, the investment company, is searching for a marketing director to head its marketing department, which is soon to be reorganised. The department will be restructured in the wake of two senior departures. Existing marketing director Richard Clarke is quitting to set up his own marketing consultancy and the company is searching for […]

SouthBank’s md joins the IPC exodus

Chris Boyd, managing director of the SouthBank Publishing Group, has resigned from IPC. He is the latest to join the exodus of top level executives who have left since the 860m management buyout by Cinven in January this year. His departure follows disappointing January to June Audit Bureau of Circulations figures for the Group, which […]

Swedes massage truth of tourism

Despite the best efforts of the British Tourist Authority and the Department of Culture Media & Sport, those little devils at Thomson Holidays seem to be thwarting all efforts to push a new glitzy image for Britain. One of the winners at the recent International Tourism, Travel & Leisure Advertising awards in Valencia was a […]

ITC blasts Heineken’s ‘funeral’ ad

The ITC has upheld 88 viewer complaints about a Heineken ad which shows a series of workmen working in the same hole in the ground. Viewers have been offended by the arrival of an undertaker towards the end of the ad and the implication that he may use the hole for a burial. Heineken parent […]

Digital TV watcher

The advent of digital TV, which it is claimed will offer more choice, better quality pictures, and interactive television programmes, is a terrifying prospect for your average viewer. And there’s good reason to be nervous, at least judging by Torin Douglas’ article, not to mention the media analysis (MW September 24). If people within the […]


Sega Europe has appointed a new UK marketing director, Giles Thomas, former UK head of marketing at MTV Networks Europe. Thomas has been appointed in advance of the 60m European launch of Sega’s new 128-bit console Dreamcast, scheduled for September 1999. He replaces Jo Bladen who left the company in March. Stakis, the hotel, casino […]

BBC Choice forces Beeb chiefs to create all-embracing brand

Ten years ago “television” and “marketing” were concepts that collided only accidentally. In a world of just four channels broadcasters competed vigorously with one another and energetically promoted their programmes to viewers – but the relationship between producer and consumer was exceedingly simple. Things are different now. More channels means more choice means more marketing: […]

Golden Wonder tests two brands

Golden Wonder is testing a new brand of spicy crisps, called Quite Hot, and has launched an Irish-themed thick-cut crinkle called Murphy’s. The Quite Hot range comes in three flavours – mustard, chilli, and curry – and is aimed at young men. The brand, to be sold in purple packs covered with flames, will be […]

Music licensing help is at hand

Your Special Report on product licensing, “Test of character” (MW September 10), made excellent reading but missed out one important organisation. MCPS (The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society) is the UK rights organisation which clears the use of music, on behalf of its UK copyright holder members, on a whole range of retail and non-retail products, where […]

Staff force Sainsbury’s to recut ad

Sainsbury’s has suffered an embarrassing hiccup with its new TV ad starring John Cleese after the supermarket’s own staff complained it made them look foolish. The “Value to Shout About” ad, which broke on September 23, is one of a series of four featuring Cleese and highlighting low prices. Playing a character similar to Basil […]

ITV reveals programme line-up and rebranding

ITV this week revealed its programme plans for next year and the 1m new look for the channel, featuring a redesigned logo and the line: “TV From The Heart.” Programme highlights include the premiere of the next James Bond movie – codenamed Bond 19 – part of a deal with MGM, which gives ITV the […]

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