10 April 2014

Getting to grip with the current buzz around digital

Ruth Mortimer

Feeling low on marketing inspiration? The old phrase ‘get your thinking cap on’ may not be too far off the mark. An academic study has found that a person’s ability to learn can be enhanced by wearing headgear sending a mild electrical current to the brain.

Letters: The drawbacks of segmentation

My mum has always been amused by my attempts to pigeonhole her into the ‘mum’ box. She is a Black Sabbath fan. An educational psychologist and a feminist. Apparently I’m not alone in having a mum who isn’t defined by this label. Recent research by Mumsnet showed that “mums are women who happen to be […]

Digital is the clay with which marketing will remodel business

Ashley Friedlein

IBM recently announced a $100m investment in its Interactive Experience arm. Essentially, this is IBM’s global digital agency. It’s not IBM’s traditional territory but in Econsultancy’s upcoming Top 100 UK Digital Agencies, you will see names such as IBM, Deloitte Digital and Accenture Interactive ranking highly.

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