10 December 2009

The guilt appeal

Guilt marketing is a tried-and-tested tactic to affect consumer behaviour, and the opportunities to play on it are growing as it becomes the predominant emotion in modern lives. But is such a negative focus effective in the long term?

Why I love Sky

One of the brands that I have consistently admired over the years is Sky TV. My life without Sky Sports would be an unappealing prospect, but it is its consistently strong brand marketing and business model that is addictive to watch.

Technology alone cannot deliver efficiencies

It is great to see the fast proliferation of new trading platforms that drive more accountable and efficient media buying, but also help the digital industry prise more ad spend away from less measurable media routes.

Customer insight is only valuable if used properly

It is not enough to just analyse customer data more efficiently (Marketers make intelligence choices, MW 26 November). Organisations must also have the processes and systems in place to act on this information as rapidly as the customer expects.

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