10 February 2011

Blend in with the scene to get maximum ad stand-out


Social media sites may offer serious reach but research shows that ads on these sites are being largely ignored. Choosing sites with content relevant to your product is the best way to get clickthrough. It seems that marketers can’t get enough of social media. Brands have been falling over each other to set up a […]

The Secret Marketer: Do supermarket buyers understand brands?

I recently likened the behaviour of UK grocery multiples to that of rogue traders. I apologise for any offence caused. As with all trades, I suspect there are many good operators and it is a small minority who sometimes give the rest a bad name. The problem is that the UK grocery trade is indeed […]

Multiple-choice marketing ticks all the right boxes

The new trend in choose-your-own-adventure marketing is allowing brands to make consumers feel more empowered. One of the most popular cultural phenomena of the Eighties is making a comeback and inspiring a whole new generation of brands, from pop bands to car companies. Choose-your-own-adventure kids’ storybooks are back, but this time the multiple-choice storytelling technique […]

Embrace age of austerity

Your Leader on the need for government to communicate with its public will get the industry nowhere (MW 3 February). It’s time for some honest debate. The last government ran out of ideas, talent and money, but tried to hoodwink the public into thinking that promoting a policy in the media was the same as […]

Addicted to price cuts

Steven Round from Robert Dyas compares UK and European retailers’ use of price promotions in your Cover Story on pricing (MW 3 February, saying: “Retailers use promotional mechanics more aggressively in the UK than they do on the Continent.” Indeed they do: but it’s not the UK retailers who, by and large, are funding these […]

People are still shopping on autopilot but don’t admit it

In store: Autopilot frees up time

I was surprised to learn from Maeve Hosea’s feature ’My Economy mindset sparks a new approach’ (MW 13 January) that “No one shops on autopilot any more”. Yes they do. Pop down to Tesco and take a look. They’re all at it. And a good thing, too – otherwise our supermarkets would be crammed full […]

Precision targeting

Reading the innovation update on online targeting (Digital Strategy, 20 January), it’s clear that evolving technologies are bringing a new era of targeting. But while the feature touched on the developments of traditional behavioural targeting and retargeting, it failed to fully communicate the whole picture. For instance, behavioural advertising is today able to offer much […]

Speeding towards a whole new attitude


Being bold, innovative and confident in your marketing takes a strong nerve at the best of times. It’s particularly daunting when your sector is struggling to shake off the effects of the economic downturn and is facing a tough prognosis on any return to 2007 levels of sales. Latest figures from the Society of Motor […]

Live shows deepen the brand experience

Britain's Next Top Model

Live events are arguably the ultimate brand experience. Indoor shows lend themselves to television or magazine extensions, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in their favourite media brands, while trade shows are expert in getting deals done between visitors and those selling their wares. But as the recession has affected industries that indoor events promote, so […]

British talent’s platform for international growth


Click here to see marketers questions to BBC Worldwide global head of marketing Helen Kellie Click here for a Q&A BBC Worldwide is on a roll. This year will see it chase serious growth in international markets as it embarks on a dual mission of doubling its presence in the US and making two-thirds of […]

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