10 March 2011

Things that make you go OOH!

Nestlé’s recent Aero Caramel relaunch applied the latest interactive screen technology

As technology costs fall, innovation is inspiring ever-more adventurous digital out-of-home ad campaigns across the UK. Out-of-home media is no longer just a case of choosing a single format to target consumers. Marketers can now take their pick from an array of technology when thinking about their campaigns, as shoppers who have just witnessed the […]

The Secret Marketer says too many cooks spoils the brand

Once in a while, somebody joins your organisation and cramps your style. I fear that has just happened to me. The powers that be in global ivory towers have deemed it necessary to appoint a group global brand guardian who shall seek to drive best practice across local markets. They shall do this by accumulating […]

web comment

Who is Innocent? The trademark dispute story between Innocent Drinks and the owner of Innocent Vitamins in last week’s issue prompted the question of whether the Coca-Cola-owned smoothie maker had now embraced a corporate business attitude. Find the story here (www.mwlinks.co.uk/InnocentTrademark) and comment extracts below. I think there are two issues here: first, the Innocent […]

Tablets can stand alone

I am amazed that the tablet is constantly referred to as the digital equivalent of the magazine (Magazines see a future in tablets but need the data, MW 24 February). The media they present has, or should have, more in common with websites and social media than print. Not only can tablet content be richer, […]

Design is priceless

Designers: Promote their role

The article ’We all love (but don’t want to pay for) good design’ (MW 3 March) raised some pertinent points about the importance of design within effective marketing communications. As the research shows, good design is crucial in delivering a good customer experience and ultimately in boosting sales. The sad part is that often marketing […]

What’s at the end of the discounting conveyor?


Last year Google offered £4bn for Groupon, the peak of an explosion of interest in discount websites. So will we ever pay full price for goods again? Discounting could be the oldest trick in the marketing book. In fact it is probably older than the book itself. But the past two years have seen an […]

Why out-of-home must quickly get to grips with mobile media


With all the benefits of personalisation that mobile ad networks bring, out-of-home must adapt to remain competitive. One of the most persistent put-downs of the internet era is to tell someone they “don’t get it”. But even for those who do “get it”, the sad truth is that getting it doesn’t come with life membership. […]

Have you tried something new today?


“One of the most persistent put-downs of the internet era is to tell somebody they ’don’t get it’. But even for those who ’do get it’, the sad truth is that getting it doesn’t come with life membership…as technology develops, you have to keep getting it again and again.” So says Michael Nutley in the […]

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