Mark Ritson: Social media myth doesn’t measure up

Social media icons

I cannot confess to knowing much about the boy band One Direction except that my niece, Amy, is very keen on them. I know this because every time I call them One Dimension she corrects me with the kind of sigh that only a 10-year-old girl can emit.

Mobile will amplify ways to engage

Michael Barnett’s m-commerce and contactless payment article reminds me that this is an exciting time for the industry. While marketers are right to be wary about new technology, it is already opening up a plethora of doors. We’re being served up a chance to create new ways of engaging consumers – even more directly and […]

Vouchers can help m-commerce along…

Michael Barnett’s report ‘M-commerce moves into mainstream’ ( links well to recent research from Juniper which reveals that the use of mobile vouchers will exceed $43bn (£32.7bn) globally by 2016. It seems that as the mobile phone becomes the platform of choice for perusing the internet and online shopping, economy-minded shoppers expect money-saving opportunities available […]

Look inside for ways to quell these rebellions

Ruth Mortimer

There is a new set of protesters on the warpath, challenging what they see as excessive executive bonuses and pay deals. This time it isn’t a bunch of guys living in tents as part of Occupy London. The new critics are corporate shareholders. Aviva chief executive Andrew Moss stepped down this week after shareholder fury […]

Losing the digital game

Space Invaders

As a growing number of FTSE 100 companies launch corporate branding campaigns, a report seen exclusively by Marketing Week reveals that too few of the UK’s biggest businesses are making their online and mobile communications consistent.

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