10 October 2013

Mobile’s rise from dwarf star to supernova comes with a caveat

Branwell Johnson

The ‘year of the mobile’ is gathering pace judging by the latest IAB/PwC data and the media frenzy of commentary surrounding Twitter’s IPO plans. First half year figures from IAB/PwC show mobile now accounts for 14.1 per cent of all digital advertising spend – nearly double the figure for the same period last year. The spend is driven by increasing smartphone penetration (68 per cent of the UK population and rising) and possibly the arrival of 4G.

Kimberly Kriss’s six rules for marketing success

Also in this story Profile: Kimberly Kriss, AEG Europe AEG – A breakdown Kimberly Kriss’s advice to young marketers Know and listen to your customer now: we have the luxury of social media outlets, your virtual boardroom should never be empty – especially with millennials taking such a heavy hand in everything we’re doing. They […]

Brands and the cultural exchange

Your ‘Cultural Crossover’ article raised excellent points on brands’ attempts to be part of or influence culture. Perhaps the most successful brands have always done this, albeit through traditional channels – Coca-Cola challenging racial stereotypes in the 1950s and Nike’s sports myth of ‘performing beyond all expectations’ worked cleverly in the 1980s to assuage US […]

Brands today lack the guts to be different

Secret Marketer

I was at a marketing conference the other day and mused at the average age of delegates, or more worryingly how everyone looked younger than me. While that bodes well for the future of our industry, it scares me to see myself as an ‘elder statesman’ as I have far too much to do and learn.

AEG – A breakdown

Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) is a Los Angeles-based company and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company.

Kimberly Kriss’s advice to young marketers

Also in this story Profile: Kimberly Kriss, AEG Europe AEG – A breakdown Kimberly Kriss’s six rules for marketing success No one teaches you how to build your personal brand. They teach you how to market, how to do analysis, how to do research, but they don’t teach you how to build the brand that […]

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Tesco, M&S, Just Eat: 5 things that mattered this week and why


M&S chief outlines digital-first strategy after profits plummet Marks & Spencer (M&S) is gearing up for a digital-first future, after its revealed on Wednesday (23 May) that profits had dropped a massive 62.1% to £66.8m compared to the previous year. A day earlier, the struggling retailer confirmed it will close more than 100 stores over […]