11 August 2011

Latest automotive technology on track to set pulses racing


Nissan Motorsports president Shoichi Miyatani talks to Michael Barnett about electric racing cars and how the company’s participation in the FIA GT1 championship is benefiting the brand’s marketing department. Marketing Week (MW): How do the activities of Nissan Motorsports (Nismo) in racing contribute to the overall Nissan brand? Shoichi Miyatani (SM): Motorsport has to contribute […]

Wake up to dawn of chinese dominance


I was a marketing student when the Berlin Wall came down. It was arguably one of the most exciting and important events of the 20th century but I can hardly remember anything about it. I do remember failing my first ever university exam that week of 9 November 1989 and also that Stoke City sacked […]

Integration can give messages personal touch


Five DM specialists discuss developments in the sector that are leading to digital and traditional campaigns delivering ever-higher response rates. The panel Peter Wilton (PW)Head of brand and marketing communications, Lloydspharmacy Philip Price (PP)Head of brand marketing, P&O Cruises Marc Michaels (MM)Director of direct and evaluation, COI Chris Combemalem (CC)Executive director at DMA UK Adam […]

It’s not just the brand story but how you tell it

Brand storytelling (MW 7 July) is an intuitive tool for managing the complexity of modern marketing in an interactive, multi-platform, multi-channel age. However, there is a subtle difference between storytelling that uses narrative thinking to structure a brand and its marketing activity; and corporate storytelling that illustrates company valuesin a compelling way (as Diageo has […]

High street stores need to embrace new technology


The gulf between online and in-store shopping experiences (MW last week) could be narrowed if bricks-and-mortar retailers adapt to changing customer behaviours and make better use of technological advances such as mobile apps and proximity marketing. Through a combination of mobile technology, including Bluetooth, wi-fi, QR codes and now near-field communication (NFC), it is straightforward […]

Ethical claims need solid foundations

Brands with a commitment to social causes certainly stand to gain a great deal from loyal, affluent consumers who share the same mindset (MW last week) but simply labelling these tactics as “ethical” is misplaced and misleading. We need to move towards recognising “not-just-for-profit” brands those that have spotted the potential in making profit not […]

Mobile web turns a crisis into a disaster


The worst-case scenario for brands is now total destruction, so integrity in business and advertising is more essential than ever. What’s the worst thing that can happen? So goes the line to entice awkward teenagers to try the unknown taste of soft drink Dr Pepper. But perhaps this slogan should be applied more widely by […]

Making it to the top


Six chief executives who started their careers in the marketing department lay out a five-step plan marketers should follow if they want to reach the top of the corporate ladder.

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