11 November 2010

The Secret Marketer on the differences between sales people and marketers


I am “double hatting” at the moment, providing caretaker cover for our sales director who is taking some time out of the business. Looking after the national account team has been quite an eye opener. Sales people are very different to marketers. They are motivated by cases sold rather than measures of brand equity and […]

Turbocharge your service performance


How your brand measures up in the experience stakes and meets customer expectations is about real delivery, and says more about your brand’s performance than awareness or perception measurements, according to a new study. By MaryLou Costa

Gay-friendly brands will gain loyalty

Despite the fact that the gay community accounts for 6% of the UK population, according to media advertising and marketing publishers MPG, they are only now starting to be specifically targeted in advertising and media campaigns in the mainstream press. As your article asserts (MW last week), the notion of the pink consumer has been […]

Demonstrate marketing’s effect on bottom line

Your cover story (MW 28 October) rightly said that a fully-integrated marketing function is vital for business. But as a profession we need, more than ever before, to convince our boardroom colleagues of our contribution to the bottom line. Innovation in digital marketing and social media, for instance, can be hugely valuable and cost-efficient tools […]

Innovation drives return on investment from campaigns


I agree with the article “Innovation will bear fruit despite budget squeeze” (MW last week) because with the economy still labouring, the famous quotation “innovate or die” has never been more applicable. But to innovate effectively, marketers must make a genuine step-change in their thought process. This means looking outside their department to see what […]

Get specialist help


While the Bellwether report indicates confidence may be improving in the marketing community, times are hard and things are not going to get better any time soon (MW last week). Brands are having to make tough decisions. Although they understanding cutting budgets might be short-sighted, it is a luxury they simply cannot afford right now. […]

Stuart Smith on ITV and CRR

It’s always refreshing to see a new broom sweeping clean, and Adam Crozier, recently installed chief executive of ITV, did not disappoint as he squared up to a House of Lords select committee this week. Among the insights he disclosed was an admission that ITV programmes were crap. Sorry, I’ll rephrase that in commercial media-speak. […]

Join our celebration of your innovation


I’m tremendously excited about the launch of the 2011 Marketing Week Engage Awards. We unveiled the Engage Awards last year after rethinking the way that we deliver all content. At the time there seemed to be a widespread resignation that industry awards schemes lacked any real brand distinction and for that reason the various award […]

Game-changers: product innovation that lifts the business

Click here to read the cover feature: a profile of Camillo Pane, Reckitt Benckiser’s UK chiefClick here to read a Q+A with Camillo PaneClick here to read what other marketers have to say to Camillo Pane Optrex ActiMist: Most of the products in this market were drops, which consumers find difficult to use. There wasn’t […]

Marketer-to-marketer: what other marketers have to say to Camillo Pane

Click here to read the cover feature: a profile of Camillo Pane, Reckitt Benckiser’s UK chiefClick here to read a Q+A with Camillo PaneClick here to read about Reckitt Benckiser’s game-changing products Ross Farquhar, brand manager for Cadbury Wispa, Crunchie & Bitesize, asks: Achieving “brand fame” through creativity must be difficult in categories that are […]

Do the masses really know what’s best for your brand?


Gap’s decision to pull its rebranded logo after the public reacted negatively raises all sorts of tricky issues for marketers. The Gap was right and the blogosphere was wrong. Big bluechip corporations don’t change an iconic logo on a whim – it’s a hugely long and complex process involving consultants and designers, the C-suite and […]

Are you one of the 90% not brand tracking?


I have just started working for a new client, a big financial services brand with a real challenge on its hands. As much as my new client’s senior management have been scoping me out, I have been doing the same to them. Every marketer likes to claim their brand is strong and their brand management […]

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