12 April 2012

Why Tesco must learn that less is more


It’s just over a year since Sir Terry Leahy stepped down as chief executive of Tesco and was replaced by Philip Clarke. But what a year it has been. Tesco has suffered more instability in the past 12 months under Clarke than in the previous 14 years under Leahy.

Choose the right language for the space

Simplicity is vital if customers are to get the best experience from a brand (MWlinks.co.uk/SimpleBrands). Some of the most successful brands today have simple marketing messages that are consistent and easy to understand. To relay these key messages to customers, brands are now experimenting with communication channels such as in-store radio and visual displays. However, […]

Why ageing is the new cool

Your report on empty nesters (MW last week) asks how must brands target people who ‘live for today’. Growing older is getting cooler and brands need to be braver in throwing down a more provocative approach. A focus on values rather than age will engage their innate sense of agelessness. Let’s start treating them like […]

Advertising did not spark the summer of urban discontent

Deep down, none of us really thinks advertising can be to blame for last summer’s riots (MWlinks.co.uk/RiotBrands). Advertising is just one part of what feeds a consumerist culture. The trainers you want to wear or the TV you wished you owned come from the conspicuous consumption of the community around you – and advertising or […]

Fashion gurus have a lot to teach marketers

Ruth Mortimer

Raf Simons. If you don’t know the name, get used to it. The 44-year-old Belgian has just been appointed as artistic director at luxury brand Christian Dior after a year-long search for someone to fill the role. Why does this matter to marketers? Well, apart from Christian Dior being a historic and interesting brand, the […]

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