12 December 2013

Mentor a digital start-up and boost your change management


The opportunity for brands to engage with start-ups is significant. Yet I am still struck by how big a gulf there is between the growing start-up and the general marketing communities. I wrote in Marketing Week earlier in the year about the opportunities for large companies to engage with these smaller, innovative businesses yet – with a few exceptions – little progress seems to have been made.

Mobile microtargeting


Apple launched its microtargeting technology iBeacon into its US stores last week, while a raft of brands are experimenting with tracking techniques that could change the way people shop.

Research’s creative riches

Many creative marketers and advertisers dislike research because they often think of it as focus groups that tend to water down or kill creative (mwlinks.co.uk/CampaignInsight). However, insights via market research can actually fuel creative and lead to award-winning campaigns, such as the ‘Think B4 You Speak’ campaign, targeting teens who use the term ‘gay’ as […]

Case study: Decca Records

In many cases, location-based marketing is still at an early, experimental stage. Decca Records, a part of Universal Music that specialises in classical and jazz, used the technology for the first time earlier this year in order to promote its artists during the Proms.

Case study: PayPal

Payment services provider PayPal has overseen a rapid acceleration of its location-based services in the UK after launching a trial of its ‘check-in’ technology in the summer. The feature enables users of the PayPal app to identify shops in their vicinity that accept PayPal payment, click on them to check in and pay using their PayPal profile.

Reinvention, not cost cutting, should be the stimulus for reorganisation

Ruth Mortimer

It takes an accomplished marketer to argue that a 12 per cent reduction in headcount in the marketing department is a positive step. So congratulations to Unilever’s global marketing chief Keith Weed, who presented his brand’s marketing vision for the future this week, promising to create such a streamlined, effective marketing machine that an estimated 840 people will no longer be necessary. 

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