12 January 2006

Wishing on the stars

Salary growth and career optimism were at a low ebb in 2005 as restructuring took its toll on marketers. But with companies beginning to hire again, 2006 looks hopeful – and the sky is the limit for the ambitious, as pay soars within the top-most ranks. By Roy Hoolahan and David Reed

Virgin aims to boost O’Connell’s profile ahead of breakfast show launch

Virgin Radio is launching a national advertising campaign to promote launch of the Christian O’Connell Breakfast show, which starts on January 23. The outdoor campaign, which breaks on January 16, touts Sony Award-winner O’Connell’s slot as “Britain’s Best Breakfast Show”. O’Connell, who joins the station from Xfm, is a familiar name for radio listeners in […]

LBC claims first for launch of paid-for podcast service

LBC, the Chrysalis Radio-owned London talk station, is launching subscription podcasting later this month. The station claims it will be the first paid-for podcast service. The service, which has been trialed by listeners over recent months, will offer a range of exclusive content including interviews and special shows, such as Nick Ferrari’s live show. Listeners […]

Shape up or be forced to the edge of the marketing picture

Now that brand building has been subordinated to ‘customer experience’, the marketing department’s role within a company has become less easy to define Perhaps one of your new year’s resolutions is to get a better job. In which case, what questions will you ask in that all-important interview? And could you answer a question like […]

A glass still half full…

The government and the UK drinks industry are meeting to set up the Drink Aware scheme, an independent charitable trust aiming to tackle alcohol misuse. But will the body gain a sufficiently independent status and enough funds to carry some weight? By Martin Croft The UK drinks industry, in partnership with government departments, is planning […]

Murdoch wunderkind picks up the online pieces

Few had heard of Jeremy Philips, a 33-year-old News Corporation employee, until a week ago. Now, all the company’s eyes are on him after he was handed the keys to a $1bn (&£565.5m) online media by Rupert Murdoch. Philips, a former management consultant, has been promoted to executive vice-president, reporting directly to Murdoch, and becomes […]

Have a heart…

Corporate responsibility has raised its head again as new Tory leader David Cameron sets out to steal the ethics mantle from Labour and soften his party’s image. Now that it’s certain to be an election issue, shrugging off ‘good business’ principles is no longer an option. By David Benady Just as the issue of business […]

The all-singing, all-dancing entertainment centre is a reality

As media convergence intensifies, the consumer electronics industry is striving to come up with that ‘iPod product’ – the one that will transform entertainment at home and on our mobile phones If anyone still doubts the power of the digital revolution to change all our lives – particularly those of us in the media – […]

Brewing up a storm over a bag that even builders don’t deserve

Accidentally invented by an American a century ago, teabags have never really convinced tea devotees that they’re good for anything other than plant food I need not tell you, dear reader, of the eager anticipation with which I open my weekly copy of Marketing Week, for it is a pleasure that I am sure you […]

Every purchase tells a storyâ¦

Marketers are using neuro-science to understand how marketing impacts on the way we think, but transactional data still has the power to pinpoint the changes in purchasing. By David Reed Brave New World is often seen as a satire on modern con-sumer society. A segmented population is kept under control through a combination of sex, […]

Will creative independents fall prey to global media shops?

Small agencies are bucking the trend towards consolidation, but this situation may not last if the big media buyers have their way, says David Wethey Look at the new business league. The pace is being set by “independent” agencies, not the internationals. And it’s been that way for three straight years. COI Communications recently announced […]

Out of date and out of touch?

The way in which financial services providers segment their customers is largely outdated, and until the life-stage model reflects modern living, the marketing of financial services will be a struggle Towards the end of last year, the “pensions crisis” dominated the headlines as the Turner Report called for sweeping changes amid rumours that Chancellor Gordon […]

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