The Secret Marketer: Banks should invest in their branch network

Secret Marketer

Over the past few weeks, I have been perturbed by how our once great financial services sector is being portrayed in the media. There is no denying that both NatWest and Barclays need to step back and really look at how they have lost the respect of the nation, but it is worth remembering that […]

Global enterprise moves forward with the music

john galloway

This weekend some big-name bands will join Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park for Hard Rock Calling, but chief marketing officer and vice-president John Galloway tells Jo Roberts that the global event brand is about much more than established acts and burger joints.

Olympic efforts

Mark Ritson’s latest column reignited the debate over the value of Olympic sponsorship, the lack of creativity displayed in some of the associated campaigns and the appropriateness of some of the key partners of London 2012. Read the original column here and see comment extracts below. I would like to raise three points with you, […]

Think about promotions early

The latest British Promotional Merchandise Association research suggests that promotional merchandise is a cost-effective way of raising brand awareness during a recession ( However, promotional merchandise often falls short of its potential ROI because of a lack of planning and unrealistic timeframes for development. If it materialises as a mere afterthought, this will push up […]

Luxury brands never win from going mass market

When a luxury brand goes mass market or to a co-brand, the winner is the retailer that has convinced the brand custodian to reduce quality, size, price and margin in return for pie-in-the-sky promises that rarely work out. Too often it has the opposite effect to Mark Ritson’s example of the Missoni and Target tie-up […]

Marketers leaving data to go to waste

Data collection and customer engagement is being touted as the “prize asset that marketers are chasing” from promotions on Facebook ( FacebookComps) but our 25 years of experience of promotions and competitions teaches us there is often a major difference in reality. We gather hundreds of thousands of names, personal information and contact details each […]

Barclays’ rivals avoid negative marketing

Branwell Johnson

One company’s crisis is another’s opportunity and so it is beginning to appear with the UK’s beleaguered banking sector. With NatWest and Barclays both in the spotlight for, respectively, a massive technology meltdown and associated customer wrath and an interest-rigging scandal, the public perception of traditional banks is not likely to rally soon. A Serious […]

It’s an equitable brand life, Barclays

Mark Ritson

When I am teaching my MBA students about branding, one of the first topics we address is language. Listening to how an organisation and themarketers within it talk about branding can prove a fruitful way to begin working out which companies get branding, and which do not. For example, if you encounter a company or […]

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