Reputation is priceless asset

In addressing the recent branding mishaps and current struggles of BP and British Airways, Mark Choueke and Mark Ritson (MW 27 April) expertly expressed what my colleagues in PR refer to as reputation management. What was once almost exclusively confined to the protection of a CEO’s reputation has now evolved into a necessary brand management […]

The best events come in bespoke packages

Brands are not turning to smaller, tailor-made events because of budget cuts, rather such money-can’t-buyexperiences deliver far more bang for their buck. Corporate hospitality has always seemed a little like the marketing family’s poor relation. If sponsorship was often termed the “chairman’s whim”, hospitality was referred to as the “PA’s punt”. It was a case […]

The data that keeps on giving


The Holy Grail of the single customer view is driving data managers keen to convert donor insight into hard cashfor good causes. Lucy Fisher investigates. With austerity measures and inflation hitting consumers’ pockets hard, it’s not just high street brands that are suffering. Charities, too, are feeling the pinch, as people continue to cut back […]

web comments

China’s luxury heritageMark Ritson’s latest column on the challenges facing China in producing a successful luxury brand due a plethora of comments online. Read the column at Time and see some comment extracts below. I wonder if the definition of a luxury good (thus brand) might itself be changing. If we are to simply […]

Brands lose luxury tag when they become mass market

Mark Ritson makes some valid points in his column about how luxury is attained by brands (MW last week), but surely luxury, in its opposed nature to necessity by definition, is a function of price divided by an arbitrary expression of the practical value of the item. For example a wallet bought at the market […]

Inappropriate offers sure to alienate potential targets

RAPP’s research into the cuts set to be made by affluent families in the next few years (MW last week) should sound a warning bell for marketers. We all know that targeted promotions receive better response rates, but too many brands still target consumers with inappropriate offers. Our own consumer research, in partnership with Equifax, […]

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