12 September 2013

It’s time to reap the reward of your data-driven achievements

Branwell Johnson

Every marketer must by now acknowledge the value of data and how mining the myriad new digital customer touchpoints for insight can help deliver a vital competitive edge to a business. The “data is the new oil” mantra must surely have seeped into the bedrock of strategic thinking and no longer need repetition.

Marketing the Disney way


As chief marketing officer at The Walt Disney Company EMEA and general manager for Disney Channels, Tricia Wilber is the ultimate multi-tasker, bringing the different strands of the business on to the same page, while responding to cultural change and not being afraid to take risks.

Violetta – a story of success for Disney Channels EMEA

Violetta is a talented teenager who has been living in Europe and returns to her native Buenos Aires. In the first original co-production between Disney Channels EMEA and Disney Channel Latin America, the TV series of the same name premiered in Latin America and Italy in May 2012.

Disney’s history of magic: Timeline

Also in this story Profile: Tricia Wilber – chief marketing officer The Walt Disney Company EMEA, and general manager for Disney Channels Q&A: Watch an exclusive video interview with Tricia Wilber Violetta – a story of success for Disney Channels EMEA 1923 – The Disney Brothers Studio founded 1928 – the film Steamboat Willie is released, […]

Q&A: Tricia Wilber, Disney


As part of Marketing Week’s profile of Disney’s Tricia Wilber, features editor Lucy Handley quizzes the brand’s CMO for the EMEA regions and general manager for Disney Channels about her biggest marketing challenges.

Fickle teens can make or break a brand

Mark Ritson

Scandal has followed Abercrombie & Fitch ever since the clothes brand first broke through in the American market. There were lawsuits from employees fired for apparently not being attractive enough. There were politically incorrect statements from the chief executive that he only wanted “cool kids” to wear its clothes. There was even an intriguing offer to pay the cast of US reality show Jersey Shore to not wear Abercrombie clothes. Read my previous article here.

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