13 January 2011

The Secret Marketer starts the year in a sea of acronyms

HNY as the acronym goes. Abbreviation has never been in short supply in marketing. In FMCG, ABMs argue that ATL shall deliver long-term ROI, but NAMs counter it is BTL that drives short-term ROS. In retail, the traders talk LFLs as their own special language for YOY sales. Meanwhile, our friends in manufacturing talk PPVs […]

your web comments

HMV Group’s downbeat trading statement and announcement that it will close 60 stores sparked an online debate about the chain’s future prospects. Read Stuart Smith’s blog (left) and the story here www.mwlinks.co.uk/HMVReshape. Comments are presented below: HMV has been whittling its music stock down to make room for clothing. I’ve always known HMV as a […]

Lead by the logo?

So the Starbucks logo, one of the most famous in the world, is changing to allow the brand to expand beyond coffee (www.mwlinks. co.uk/StarbucksLogo). Of course, the real issue here is not about the niceties and design fluffiness of the logo, which gets some people excited, but the overall strategy of Starbucks. It wants to […]

Siren is a signal for the future

Dropping the Starbucks wordmark and building the ’siren’ icon makes consummate sense. When will brand owners wake up to the realisation that brands are not read, they’re recognised? The ’siren’ is salient enough and mature enough to allow this transition to happen painlessly and easily. Brands that ’brand’ themselves into a corner by intrinsically linking […]

Giving better satisfaction

It doesn’t surprise me that Amazon tops the UK e-retailer chart again (www.marketingweek. co.uk/christmas_retail). The company has always made a core commitment to the usability and user experience of its product. But it also doesn’t surprise me that its satisfaction ratings have started to level. Without fundamentally re-architecting its entire experience, I suspect Amazon is […]

Your country needs you – time to sell brand britain


The UK’s image has suffered as a result of student riots, losing the 2018 World Cup bid and alleged tax avoidance by brands. Lou Cooper looks at how events this year and next might improve our country’s brand image and how this might affect marketers.

Making a contribution in the age of cuts and compromise

After drastic cuts in ad spend, the government is again targeting our sector. But it’s up to us to turn adversity into opportunity. The short-term consumer outlook for 2011 looks pretty scary: the VAT increase this month, tax rises in April and public spending cuts thereafter. After a 2010 that was better than we all […]

HMV must pump up its own volume


There is still room for an entertainment superbrand on the high street. Last August I said there is nobody better equipped than HMV to prove it and I still believe that. I wonder if my belief is shared at HMV HQ because the retailer is unfortunately making a decent fist of screwing it up. By […]

All that glitters isn’t social media gold


There have been times over the past seven days when it seemed every major business story was pointing to exactly the same brand. A global hoax spread across social networks that falsely claimed one of the biggest online brands was about to be pulled by its disillusioned founder. Even the entertainment news was affected when […]

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