13 October 2011

Lucasfilm tells how the Star Wars saga continues to reach new fans


It is six years since the last Star Wars film tied up the space saga, but Lucasfilm continues to reach new fans and stay relevant. Laura Snoad asks its president of licensing Howard Roffman how the franchise keeps striking back. Marketing Week (MW): How can you keep the Star Wars brand relevant to new generations? […]

The real cost of brand-building with Facebook


I remain a social media sceptic. Although Facebook is an important and incredibly useful tool for many brands, its impact has been wildly overstated on three fronts. First, the belief that social media somehow changes or even revolutionises the business of marketing communications. Second, the widespread promotion of social media as a relevant tool for […]

Suppliers should question M&S brand strategy before paying up


How can Marks & Spencer ask its suppliers to help fund its store revamp plans when the retailer has yet to identify its core market? Marks & Spencer is proposing changes to its supplier relationships that suggest its management is sharper than the brand’s cosy reputation. The company is reportedly asking its non-food suppliers to […]

Collaboration is future of marketing capability


I’m lucky. I get a daily view of marketing and business that few of you get to share. It’s the vantage point of the editor. The ’global’ view of best and worst practice, across every sector, discipline and market. As you focus each day on succeeding at the task in hand that will add value […]

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