14 December 2000

‘T-Mobile’ has a different ring

Back in the Seventies, tidiness and conformity seemed the aim of all corporate identity “programmes” as companies tried to impress with size. With more recent, enlightened views about branding (as it has now become known), it seemed that we had reached a more balanced view in which both internal attitudes and external perceptions were taken […]


With the BSE crisis now hitting Germany, the government’s food marketing association is to run an ad campaign promoting German beef, handled by the Von Mannstein agency. An earlier promotion under the slogan ‘MEAT: pure pleasure’ was dropped after BSE was discovered. The new push will feature testimonials by famous German chefs and call centres […]

New ad for United Nations Refugee Agency

Madeleine Albright, the US Secretary of State, stars in a new TV and press advertising campaign for the United Nations Refugee Agency which breaks globally on December 14. Albright, herself a refugee from Soviet aggression in Czechoslovakia at the age of 11, is seen dancing and miming to the Aretha Franklin hit Respect. The United […]

Space cadet in disloyalty overdrive

Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay has “added” the RS4 Avant Quattro to his collection. The VW-owned company has given him one to drive around in, and says he will then fork out £46,500 to buy the machine.

Royal Mail plans ‘Pen to Paper’ push

Royal Mail is considering rolling out a new marketing campaign encouraging people to write more letters, under the banner “Pen to Paper”. The company features a similar section on its website, royalmail.com, which has been designed to combat the increasing use of e-mail. Royal Mail is aware that the more people use e-mail, instant messaging, […]


Breathe, the Internet service provider, has become the latest dot-com to scrap its free unmetered access offer, claiming it is no longer financially viable.


Profero, the interactive advertising agency, has won the online advertising account for yourautochoice.com, a source of nearly-new cars.


One in ten British adults expects to give a mobile phone as a present this Christmas, according to a new survey by NOP. The survey reveals that of those planning to give a mobile phone as a present, 16 per cent say that it is very or quite likely to be WAP-enabled, leading to another […]


The British Airways London Eye has appointed publisher Brave New Words to produce an ‘in-flight’ magazine for the wheel. Priced at £1.99, My London Eye, will be launched in March 2000.

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