14 January 2010

Inequality keeps up with pace of change

Let’s start with the shocking. In 2001, the pay differential between men and women in marketing director roles was just £2,700. If you’re a male marketing director in 2010, however, you stand to earn £17,000 a year more than your female counterparts.

How to keep your spirits upmarket

The owner of Courvoisier is using the cognac’s rich heritage, classy cocktails and a social network of rising stars across the UK to build the brand. By Joe Fernandez

Lessons to learn in virtual lifestyling

Last month the Chancellor Alistair Darling claimed our debt-ridden government would save £360m per year by running “virtual court cases” in which trials are conducted entirely online.

Stuart Smith on tackling alcohol abuse

I seem to remember Oliver Cromwell once tried to ban mince pies. Reading the recommendations of the House of Commons health select committee report on alcohol abuse, I get the impression that a number of our MPs have been infected with the same joyless dedication to futile causes.

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