There’s precious little integration without consumer participation

In the marketing village, the thing we call integration has been a hot topic of debate for at least a decade now. Despite this, there still seems little agreement over how best to plan campaigns across the multitude of marketing disciplines at our disposal. Thankfully, some much-needed fact-based analysis has now been published on the […]

Why marketing is foundation stone of retail brand building


The high street is a hostile environment for retailers right now. Wickes director of marketing Rob Murray tells Michael Barnett that the retail sector must use marketers’ skills better to help it overcome economic constraints. Marketing Week (MW): Which marketing issues are top of Wickes’ priority list? Rob Murray (RM): Pricing is a real theme. […]

Leaders need more than flair for marketing

With reference to your report that asked “Are marketers just too innumerate to lead a company?” (MW 23 June), to question the ability of marketers to become leaders of industrial organisations is something of a fatuous exercise. You might just as well ask “Are accountants/ engineers/personnel managers/ shopfloor workers qualified to head up companies?” No […]

Insight transforms data into rocket fuel

Michael Nutley is right to say that the understanding of data is vital to any modern marketer (MW 23 June). There isn’t a company out there that doesn’t claim to have data but far rarer is someone explaining what that data means. Data on its own has little value. It may indeed be the new […]

Promotions bridge divide between brand and retailer

With grocery retailers fixated on price and brands looking for ways to push their values and benefits, never have two sides been so far apart in the same discussion. In this age of austerity, sales promotions might just bridge the gulf between these two sets of contrasting and competing objectives (MW 30 June). Brands and […]

Innocent inspires

Innocent: Smoothie operator

Successful marketing involves driving sustainable, profitable growth by creating new or better value for consumers. Innocent’s greatest marketing success has been in pioneering the smoothie category’s development and winning widespread consumer trust, passion and loyalty for the brand. Brand advertising and promotion have certainly played their part, but marketers everywhere should also remember the more […]

Made to measure


Made to measure up to professional standards: brands from an ever-wider variety of sectors are buying into the self-service trend by giving customers the opportunity to create high-quality personalised products or services.

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