14 March 2013

Reality finally bites for social media

Social Media

More trouble in social media land. Insiders at consumer goods giant Unilever recently confessed that some of their brand teams were questioning whether increased investments in social media were proving their worth.

It’s not survival of the fittest but of the most adaptable

Secret Marketer

In my spare time, I’m rather partial to seeing a live band in a local pub – there is something special about live music – even if it is four kids playing too loud in an establishment that used to smell so much better before the smoking ban. Anyway, one of the bands that my fiancée and I have seen a few times has announced it is breaking up – the so-called ‘difficult first album’ was just too much for them.

Gap closes between consumer action and marketing strategy


Richard Madden’s review of Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy by Phil Barden gives me some hope that we are getting closer to bringing together behavioural economics and marketing strategy. However, I’m left stumped by the conclusion that ‘consumers do not buy a brand’s personality traits but it’s expected instrumentality to achieve a certain […]

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