14 October 2010

The science bit takes art of rave review to expert level

A new style of TV ad that combines modern social media with old-fashioned sales pitches has made its way onto British screens. Ruth Mortimer, associate editor of Marketing Week, explains more. America has exported many things to the world. The hamburger, fizzy pop and squeezy cheese to name a few dubious gifts to modern culture. […]

Talent gains due recognition

On behalf of the Marketing Academy, we are delighted to announce that Sherilyn Shackell has been shortlisted by the Women in Marketing Awards as the New Female Marketer of the Year 2010.

Loyalty has benefits


Antony Jones makes a valid point when he says/ “Just adding a loyalty programme does not actually achieve loyalty.” It is true that most shoppers use these schemes to access offers they would otherwise be excluded from, but this isn’t loyalty.

Mark Ritson: Is this gap’s idea of 360-degree branding?

Most people don’t know that Gap was originally named after the generation gap that existed in 1969 between traditional retailers and the new fashion sensibility sweeping through California. But after the bizarre 360-degree brand journey that Gap’s current leadership took us on last week, the gap in question could equally have been inspired by the […]

Data must underpin your creative genius

Data underlines almost everything we do. Or rather, if we structure and operate our business departments and personnel in the right way, then data can be a benefit and fuel every percentage point of growth. Marketing departments should never lose the instinct for the big idea. The brand essence that is universally understood by your […]

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