Pricing puts me in a perfect storm

The secret marketer

Pricing is just one of the famed Ps of marketing, yet it seems to represent an unfair share of my time these days. On one side of the equation, my brands are facing record input costs and a further weakening of sterling. On the other, I am struggling as supermarket buyers fend off requests for price increases, preferring instead to beat each other up with unprecedented promotional offers.

Ten commandments for the modern marketer

Recession, the rise of digital and the emphasis on media neutrality are just some developments making new demands on marketers and changing marketing’s role in the company structure. Here we glean the ten best ideas from the world’s foremost marketers for embracing this change and steering your brand for the future.

Knowledge proves a wise investment

An increasing number of companies are learning that tailoring staff training to the needs of the business is a cost-effective way of creating a whole workforce of brand ambassadors. By Robert Lester

Selling a whole new ball game

The US passion for basketball has always left Britain and the rest of Europe cold – until now. The sport is gaining fans over here, and marketing it is as great a challenge as any championship. By Joe Fernandez

Ruth Mortimer on free magazines

I picked up my copy of the first issue of Stylist magazine today on the street in London (it’s also in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and various other UK cities). The freesheet from Shortlist Media has a 56-page first issue with 17 pages of ads, featuring clients including Selfridges, Clinique, L’Oréal, Uniqlo, Burberry Fragrance and Yves St Laurent.

Tesco’s new coupon policy will aid use

Tesco’s change of policy to no longer accept coupons which don’t match the product purchased will have a positive impact on the industry as a whole. Coupons have become increasingly popular in recent times and research carried out over the last four years shows that coupon promotions are one of the fastest growing promotional sectors. […]

Safe water stance

I would like to respond to your article regarding P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water programme (MW 24 September), which questioned why we don’t talk more about this fantastic programme.

Stuart Smith on (un)healthy drinks

The Advertising Standards Authority’s rejection of Coca-Cola’s Glaceau Vitaminwater advertising campaign highlights an unappetising facet of the soft drinks giant’s communications strategy. The rejected health claims in the ads reveal an underlying attitude which is at best naive about health trends, and at worst downright cynical.

Why we should defend the BBC from this Sky-led bombardment

Ray Snoddy

A serious case of bear-baiting has broken out in the UK. While we stand back and watch, various packs of vicious dogs are being released and are sinking their teeth into the hounded animal. It is a cruel thing to observe because the bear seems so defenceless, and yet we have been cajoled into thinking this is fair play.

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