15 December 2011

Win over the savvy shopper


It’s encouraging to read that consumers are becoming more open to sharing their information with brands (‘Safe in their hands?’, MW 8 December). With ‘savvy shoppers’ concerned about privacy but willing to share their information, we must now look at ways of showing consumers how marketers and brands can understand them better and deliver improved […]

‘Sky should create a dedicated adverts-only channel’

I fear I shall be traded in as part of Mrs Secret Marketer’s Christmas shopping. Not content with driving her crazy in supermarkets where I confuse the weekly grocery shop with work-related store check distractions, my TV viewing habits have now tipped her over the edge. I suspect I am not the first bloke to […]

ICANN your dot-brand


Your article ‘The new domain names that will be a game-changer for brands’ (MW 20 October) made clear the benefits of owning a branded top level domain (TLD) – greater control of your brand online, enhanced security and opening new possibilities for customer engagement – but I want to add that businesses should not deliberate […]

Mind the app infrastructure


With a 4G network still a long way off, Lara O’Reilly’s piece on the frustration of failing to access her preferred apps and websites while recuperating in hospital, provides food for thought. 3G technology is great, but when the network was designed it did not anticipate the level of content that is rich in data […]

The CIM is mis-selling the concept of marketing


Some professional paradoxes never fail to amuse me. Male hairdressers are invariably bald. Many small accounting firms are cooking their own books. Teacher’s kids are usually the worst behaved in school. And, closer to home, marketers are useless at positioning and communicating their profession to the public and other executives. But no matter how jaded […]

Brush with the law


There is nothing new in saying that advertisers must show restraint when using airbrushed images (‘Airbrushing damages consumer trust in brands’). The CAP Code (UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing) is clear that advertisers cannot use post-production techniques in cosmetic advertisements when the result is an image that could never have […]

CIM is wrong to call for merger with sales


Sales and marketing departments have a bit of a difficult relationship. There’s some underlying tension there and that has always been the case. So what’s the answer? Well, merge the two, obviously. That’s the solution according to the latest report coming out of the CIM. The CIM’s Marketing and Sales Fusion report predicts an imminent […]

Brands who entrust their precious business to others


Are you giving away the baby? Companies are handing over their most precious asset, their brand, by entrusting external managers with specialist knowlege of those sectors to take control of their commercial diversifications. Will it pay off?

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