15 March 2012

Puma hands stores digital makeover


Puma is positioning its retail stores as a lead communications channel in its branding strategy as it looks to capitalise on the expected sales boost from sporting events such as the Olympics and European Championships this year.

The Secret Marketer worries about brand loyalty

Secret Marketer

It was a week of highs and lows in my marketing team this week. We started by welcoming three new starters – plenty of bright eyes and wild enthusiasm. We asked two of them to lock themselves in a room to write an insightful summary of our competitors’ recent annual results, while we got the […]

On-pack codes are generating in-store data

The work being done by MySupermarket.co.uk to capture data from consumers at the time of their online purchase (www.mwlinks.co.uk/ShopperData) is a great example of how brands can derive insight and as such fills a real need in the grocery space. However, brands still struggle to derive similar behavioural data for in-store purchases because the majority […]

Why design is a licence for thieves

I was glad to see the flag being flown for effective design in your Industry Attitudes article (MW 1 March), but what left me slightly saddened – albeit with a wry grin – were the responses to the question: Where do you seek design inspiration? Clients call for stand-out, but your survey says that everyone […]

Inconveniences are engagement tools

What they actually are is brands and businesses implementing well thought through approaches to engage with exactly the type of people who will benefit most from their offerings. It’s a means of user “self-selection”, with the strategic balance carefully weighted towards quality versus quantity and it is an approach any user experience marketer will tell […]

Brands must behave like online friends

Mark Ritson reports that Facebook vice-president of global marketing solutions Carolyn Everson wants social media users to “think of brands as people” (MW 8 March). Although this idea may stretch the imagination at first, it is not beyond belief. We want to spend time with our human friends because they add to our social experience, […]

When the ends justify the controversial means

Ruth Mortimer

‘Homeless hotspots’ – using vulnerable people living on the streets as mobile Wi-Fi access points – sounds like something that might appear in Private Eye magazine or on satirical websites The Onion or The Poke. But homeless hotspots is a genuine initiative carried out at this year’s SXSW technology and music festival in Austin, Texas […]

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