Retailers’ price cuts are hard to avoid

The pressure from supermarkets to cut prices throws into question the value consumers place in brands. Sainsbury’s Justin King played down his rivals’ price cutting tactics as a “skirmish” but our research found that 85 per cent of people now prioritise cost over ethics when they shop, and only 13 per cent buy products for […]

The power of disruption

Good energy cover

Small and shrewd emerging brands are taking on big names and shaking up markets that seemed set in stone. But can established companies use these newcomer tactics to their own advantage?

When it comes to agencies, there is an alternative to divorce

The Secret Marketer

New marketing heads like nothing better than a good pitch – sweeping out the old and bringing in new blood. When I took on my current role, I sought to resist this temptation and, as regular readers will know, shuffled the pack on the creative side only a couple of months ago.

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