15 November 2012

EE, Burton’s Biscuits and Just Eat on city-centric marketing

Steve Newiss, chief commercial officer, Burton’s Biscuits Food needs to adapt to what is working in the local market and why. A multinational could take a more hardline approach, saying “this is our brand proposition and we will spend to bring the consumer to it”. But companies like ours are more flexible. We need local […]

Case study: EE’s domestic city-by-city expansion

A city-based expansion strategy need not be restricted to international markets. Mobile phone network EE, which owns the Orange and T-Mobile brands, has opted to make the most of its first-mover advantage in 4G mobile internet technology by rolling out the service initially to a selection of 11 UK cities.

O2’s creativity will be stifled in-doors

I agree with Nir Wegrzyn that, now O2 has taken its design function in-house, it is going to have to work hard to build and maintain the ‘design leaders’ positioning it is aiming for I understand the sentiment behind the move – greater control, creating a team of brand experts and (presumably) shaving costs. And yet it has the potential to engender less, not more, creativity.

Mark Ritson: Advent of the Christmas campaign blitz

We’ve never had anything like Superbowl advertising in this country. In the US, the four-hour finale of the American football season is as much about watching the ads as the contest itself. Every American brand aspires to be part of the biggest annual event in marketing.

Getting creative ideas past the detractors

One of the greatest challenges facing creative marketers is the people in your company who pour cold water on your latest great idea. How many fantastic campaigns have never got off the drawing table because of some risk-averse commercial person? Or because of an overly circumspect board?

Davie should consult marketing 101 to repair BBC

Ruth Mortimer

For the first time in its history, the BBC is being run by a marketer. Tim Davie, the acting director general, is not an old-school journalist who has worked his whole career at White City. He is a career marketer from the school of Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo, who has now been asked to step up to the kind of crisis management situation that most brands dread.

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