15 September 2005

New Campaigns: Southern

Train company Southern will make its television debut this week, a year after the operator changed its name from South Central and invested £1bn in the operation.

Training to be a knocker on the News of the World

Now scandalous behaviour is the norm, how are poor tabloid hacks to whip up outrage? Thank goodness our new universities are rising to the challenge Some time ago this column scorned media studies courses, the gist of its case being that they were neither academic nor vocational, since few of those graduating could expect to […]

A little backwards thinking

An increasing number of food brands are using the back of their packaging to engage consumers, build heritage and quell fears that the product contains unhealthy ingredients, says Jo-Anne Flack A small item in the news recently reported on a survey by a company called Docucorp which revealed the majority of people would rather read […]

Ding dong merrily?

One established way for companies to reward staff is to throw an end-of-year party. But is this a valued motivational event, or has the traditional Christmas do had its day? asks Martin Croft The ancient Romans had a festival in the darkest days of winter, which they called Saturnalia. During Saturnalia, which took place at […]

Mandelson lacks the fibre to sort out the clothing industry

To impose quotas on clothing imports halfway through the year ignores trading patterns entirely. While UK retailers incur extra costs, European textile manufacturers will not gain business, says Richard Hyman Peter Mandelson is not the most popular politician at the best of times, and his commercial expertise is not renowned (remember the Dome, his mortgage […]

A question of trust for gamblers

Gamblers are spoilt for choice as online operators vie with high street bookmakers for their custom, but research shows that punters feel more comfortable with established, bricks-and-mortar brands Bookmakers and casino operators are ramping up their efforts to attract consumers as gambling grows in popularity in the UK. In the space of a few weeks […]

A loss of innocence?

As Innocent Drinks develops the brand internationally, it faces a tricky task of expanding while staying true to its ethical beliefs. By Mark Choueke Innocent Drinks, maker of Innocent Smoothies, has reached a crossroads and many in the industry are watching carefully to see how the ethical drinks brand manages the jump from leader of […]

Solihull picks a high flier to front its push

How low would a company have to go before settling on Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards to launch a campaign? The Diary only asks because the acrophobic ski-jump legend has been carefully handpicked to launch the SolihullActive initiative to combat the couch potato culture. Without being unkind to Eddie, the Diary hasn’t heard much of him […]

The trouble brewing for S&N

While the rest of the drinks industry is consolidating in a stagnant market, Scottish & Newcastle has invested in technology that should extend the appeal of its beers. The strategy has helped S&N to lift sales, but neglecting an acquisitions policy has left it open to suitors. By Sonoo Singh Summer is drawing to a […]

Rupert rides back in

Down the road from Rupert Murdoch’s Californian ranch, a group of media executives gathered last weekend to discuss a subject close to their boss’s heart.

Brafilm purchase takes Video Island into Europe

Video Island, the UK online DVD rental service, has made its first move into Europe, with the acquisition of Scandinavian rental company Brafilm for an undisclosed sum. Brafilm is the biggest player in Sweden and Norway with 25,000 subscribers, bringing Video Island’s total subscription base to 150,000. Simon Calver, who took over as chief executive […]

Google faces second Gmail legal battle

Google is being threatened with another lawsuit over the use of the Gmail name for its advertising-funded free e-mail service. It has already been hit with an injunction restricting its use of Gmail in Germany, but could now face action from UK-based Independent International Investment Research (IIIR). IIIR, an AIM-listed financial research company, has been […]

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