16 August 2001


The Times is giving away a free Bjork CD with the August 18 edition of the newspaper.


J Walter Thompson stands to gain a further chunk of the Boots business if it is appointed to work on some Boots Healthcare International projects, one of which is understood to involve the launch of an allergy remedy.

£70m MSN ‘leading online media owner’ campaign

MSN, Microsoft’s Web portal, has announced a $100m (£70m) global campaign to promote itself as the leading online media owner. The initiative – MSN Advantage Marketing – was unveiled last week by MSN vice-president Richard Bray. He described it as a “formalised worldwide programme for MSN’s digital marketing, focused on delivering comprehensive products, technology and […]

Norweb and Eastern to be merged as TXU Energi

Energy retailer TXU Europe has decided to ditch its Norweb Energi and Eastern Energy brands and integrate the two businesses under the new brand name of TXU Energi. TXU Energi, the new national consumer brand, will be unveiled through a national television and press campaign later this year, created by TXU’s agency Roose & Partners. […]


Grey Global Group has posted a three per cent increase in its gross turnover, up from $2.04bn (£1.43bn) a year ago to $2.1bn (£1.47bn) for the second quarter this year. Revenue for the quarter rose to $314.3m (£219.9) from $306.4m (3214.4m) last year.

TV companies force RAB retraction

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) has admitted making an embarrassing “inadvertent misrepresentation” when it said that people are spending more hours listening to radio than watching TV when it released the Rajar figures two weeks ago. The RAB back-tracked on its claim after Carlton Media Sales chief executive Martin Bowley fired off letters to media […]

Brought to book over Pringle

I was pleased to see that you devoted your editorial to the views of the incoming director-general of the IPA, Hamish Pringle (MW last week). You may choose to describe his vision as “slightly paranoid” in outlining the challenges facing the communications industry, by defining them as “enemies”. Perhaps he was trying to instil a […]


The British Tourist Authority (BTA) has signed a two-year partnership deal with the FA Premier League and Barclaycard, which will see BTA promoted through pitch-side advertising, programme bumpers and backdrops.


Tiny Computers is to cut its PC prices by five per cent following the relocation of its manufacturing base from China to Scotland this week.

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