16 December 2010

The Secret Marketer has a bone to pick with recruitment firms

As the icy chill continues to depress my journey to and from work, the recruitment freeze that has hamstrung our growth for the past few years is finally showing signs of thawing. I have official clearance to at last expand the brand team and I plan to fill my boots. However, it is important to […]

Mark Ritson: Brands put the thrill-factor in bubbly

With Christmas just over a week away it’s time for any well-organised marketer to stop thinking about work and start thinking about the festive season ahead. And that means it’s time to talk champagne! The average British marketer will drink more than 84 bottles of the stuff over the Christmas and New Year holidays. OK, […]

The figures: Ralph Lauren

Click here to read a profile on Ralph Lauren’s son David who’s in charge of the iconic American fashion house’s global marketing Click here to read a Q&A with David Lauren on his relationship with Ralph Turnover (m) Pre-tax profit (m)Burberry £1280 £166Christian Dior (owns 42% of LVMH’s shares) €17,745 (£15,027) €1902 (£1595)Estée Lauder (brands […]

Q&A: David Lauren

Click here to read a profile on Ralph Lauren’s son David who’s in charge of the iconic American fashion house’s global marketing Click here to see how Ralph Lauren’s sales figures compare with other luxury brands Marketing Week (MW): Do you want to run the business, taking over from your father? David Lauren (DL): Right […]

Bottom line comes before creative risk

I found it ironic that your leader in last week’s Marketing Week (9 December) was followed over the page with a report on the Accenture study that found that marketing departments are failing to align their activities with their company’s business objectives (’Marketing’s agenda out of step with aim of business’). The leader cites Phil […]

Online shopping experience must match the in-store one

It’s little surprise to me that shoppers are abandoning online grocery shopping (’One in four abandon online shopping’). When online grocery shopping began, consumers were wooed by the idea of a hassle-freeshop. They could avoid the queues and do their shopping virtually, from the comfort of their own home. Sadly, they discovered an altogether different […]

Marketing the cause

Amnesty: Gets donors involved

I read with interest the article ’Charities need fresh tactics to win over young donors’ (MW 9 December). The Cancer Research study raises some valuable points and while making donating more accessible to young people through the use of mobile devices is important, it’s only part of the story. The other challenge that charities face […]

Online marketing community warms to payment-by-results


The barriers that have long blocked the adoption of performance-based fee structures for digital activity are starting to lift. It seems perverse, but for the 15 or so years of its existence, the most accountable marketing medium ever seen has avoided payment by results. But that could be about to change. The idea of marketers […]

Tis the season for cautious optimism


The turbulence and questions of late 2010 will continue to haunt us into the new year. Plenty of problems hang over us without the closure one instinctively craves at the end of a calendar year. The cuts: Necessary pain in an era of austerity or the slashing of vital services without enough scrutiny? The coalition […]

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