16 February 1995

PowerStore in takeover talks

PowerStore Trading, the southern electrical retail chain, is understood to be in talks to buy some or all of the out-of-town stores of its northern equivalent, Homepower, say industry sources. Homepower, which is owned by privatised regional electricity companies Yorkshire and East Midlands, has 126 stores and has suffered sustained losses since it was formed […]

Roadshow of Strength

Business presentations are hitting the road. Whether an alternative to an exhibition or complement to it, roadshows offer an effective means of locating and interacting with the target audience.

A bus fare to remember

If the nature of advertising is changing, why are agencies not doing more to put TV advertising on transport – where audiences are truly captive?


The British pub trade is undergoing a revolution. With the beer market in decline, operators are being forced to look at ways to improve their proposition. Themed pubs and restaurant-style facilities could prove to be the way forward.

Claims to Fame

The purpose of corporate hospitality is to educate and motivate. For the CICA, this involves a complex mix of promotions and events, culminating in its annual sales conference at The Belfry, north Warwickshire, every December.

Seeing is Believing

Video-conferencing is coming out of the closet – or the boardroom to be more precise – and onto the desktop, where the benefits of such technology will be made far more accessible. It’s time to tidy your office before the revolution begins.

Mr Norris changes trains

Transport Minister Steven Norris was widely criticised for calling public transport users `dreadful human beings’. But he was only saying what everybody else thinks

Law pushes for Chiat UK buyout

Andy Law, managing director of Chiat Day in London, is understood to be looking for funding to buy out the agency. Law’s options include seeking full backing from another agency, a course which appears unlikely given his desire to retain his independence from TBWA. He could also strike a deal giving a minority holding to […]

Music magazine to launch on Internet

A music and lifestyle magazine is to be launched on the Internet, featuring video footage and interactive editorial and advertising features. Prototypes of the magazine rage, will be distributed on disk next week. A 50-page publication will launch in the middle of next month. Readers will be able to download sections of magazine, including fashion, […]

No call for incompetence

When dealing with customer complaints, are big corporations guilty of using polite banter as a cover-up for ineffectual, time-wasting service?

Press ads `not hit’ by bulk deals

National newspaper bulk sales are not undermining advertiser value, according to agencies that have seen the national press’ bulk sales figures for the first time. New ABC regulations mean that national newspapers have to reveal the number of copies they sell in bulk deals to organisations, which then give them away free to readers. The […]

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