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Ruth Mortimer

One of my favourite pastimes is visiting the “Fail Blog”. This cheeky website started an online phenomenon by cataloguing moments of failure from around the world. The “fails” on the site include people falling over, crashing cars or just getting things wrong in a humorous way.

Marketers support sustainable solutions


The economy is still mired in recession but forward-thinking brands will be trying to identify what kind of consumer behaviour will emerge from the downturn with 50% of the respondents to MarketingWeek.co.uk’s latest poll agreeing that “thrift” will be a long-term trend.

We’ll eat our Hut

Pizza Hut

I noticed your recent interest in Pizza Hut and our Pasta Hut campaign (MW 18 June). Of course I understand your views on our campaign differ from my own but thought you might be interested to hear a bit more about our rationale behind it. In October last year, we launched the “Pasta Hut” campaign […]

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