16 March 2006

Launch of awareness campaign to encourage sensible water use

Water companies across the South-east are teaming up with the Environment Agency to launch a consumer awareness campaign aimed at encouraging consumers in the region to save water and reduce consumption. The initiative, called Beat the Drought, is to be rolled out next week with the launch of an eponymous website – designed by Boxharry […]

Havas’ new chief executive

Havas has named Media Planning Group’s Fernando Rodés as its new chief executive replacing French banker Philippe Wahl after less than a year, as first tipped in Marketing Week (January 5).

Edinburgh’s plans for cab reform threaten taxi-side ads

Taxi ads could be banned by Edinburgh council chiefs if they press ahead with plans to introduce a uniform colour across cabs in the city. The decision would affect about 600 vehicles carrying banner ads, and put a &£1m dent in the local outdoor advertising market. An independent study commissioned by Edinburgh City Council recommends […]

Bloody hell! Aussies are gagged by a quango of dinkum drongos

Tourism Australia has been banned from using its ‘national adjective’ in a new ad campaign, but the mealy mouthed decision says more about us than them Thanks to the timely intervention of a quango – where would we be without them? – television viewers are to be spared the intrusion of a profanity where they […]

Across the cultural divide

With clients moving into new geographical regions, marketers are increasingly expected to have multinational experience and excellent language skills – but it seems too few do. By Ian Whiteling The sound of trade barriers crashing down is becoming commonplace in our increasingly global economy. As UK companies are facing more threats from overseas competition, they […]

Through the looking glass

New media allows brands to engage directly with consumers, but the same technology can offer market researchers a unique opportunity to find out what customers really think. By Alicia Clegg Which media would you use to promote a new car aimed, primarily, at 50-something females? Women’s magazines, prime-time television, the Web, maybe? Or perhaps, like […]

Redefining relationships at a time of constant change

In an unsettled world where brands choose to work with many different agencies, it could be time to reassess the way clients and agencies pick each other, and the reasons why, says David Wethey Normalcy. It’s an ugly American word, yet one that sums up the great account-handling tradition, practised by agencies across the globe. […]

The benefits of keeping it real

Brands traditionally feature the rich, famous and beautiful in their ads to sprinkle a little stardust on their products – but research suggests consumers may relate to a more down-to-earth approach Simon Fuller is hoping to bring the glamour of Formula 1 to a wider and younger audience and increase consumer interaction with the F1 […]

The hidden e-treasure

With so many online businesses owned by ‘old media’ companies, it is hard to detect their effect on the market, but that is changing. By David Forster These are giddy days in media, although such a statement seems very much at odds with what is happening to the quoted media sector. In February the IBIS […]

In cahoots with too few

Despite critical acclaim, Cahoot admits it has failed to deliver customers, but the online bank insists it can build on the brand. By Catherine Turner When Cahoot launched six years ago, it promised to cut out the middle man and give customers what they wanted, when they wanted it. Now the Abbey-owned online bank is […]

Sleeping with the enemy?

The Government’s new education bill hopes to get business involved in running schools, but the public and private sectors do not make natural bedfellows and business leaders need to be absolutely convinced of the benefits before they sign up with politicians. By David Benady Some of the UK’s biggest brand owners have rejected a request […]

Women With Hats

First Hemingway wrote Men Without Women, then came the Canadian pop classic The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats, now InterContinental Hotels Group brings you Women With Hats. As part of its Wonders of the Worlds promotion, staff have been donning elaborate titfers modelled on the Great Wall of China, the Sydney Opera House and […]

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