Playing it safe


Diet Coke, Galaxy, Old Spice and KitKat are rekindling old advertising and slogans for today’s audiences. Is this the result of a creative deficit or are fears of a public backlash on social media smothering the urge to chance something new?

Case study: Southern Comfort

In a bid to move away from advertising its New Orleans heritage in the UK, in 2012 Southern Comfort’s new agency Wieden+Kennedy created the TV spot ‘Beach’, showing a confident middle-aged man striding down the beach in just his swimming trunks holding a glass of Southern Comfort.

CSR: Making business personal


Big corporate businesses can often seem faceless and inaccessible to consumers, but involvement in local community projects can help fill that void of personality and make companies more approachable.

Masters of their own destiny


This year’s Rising Star Award nominees discuss the trials and triumphs of their careers ahead of next week’s Marketing Week Engage Awards ceremony.

Troubled countries should think more like brands do

Secret Marketer

When a brand gets into trouble, there is a fair chance that it will be taken over, and there are many examples in recent times where such brands have only survived as a result of a merger with a stronger competitor – Continental Airlines’ takeover by United Airlines springs to mind. In fact, such a course of action is encouraged to protect jobs, warranties and the wellbeing of society.

Pointless slogans are a waste of time

Mark Ritson

It started nine years ago. I can remember the actual week when it all began because I was teaching brand management at London Business School to a class of MBA students and we spent the first hour of class discussing it. That morning Unilever announced that it was introducing a new corporate logo featuring a smooth, rounded U made from an amalgam of 24 icons representing all the businesses that it was engaged in. I beamed the new design onto the screen behind me and my class debated its merits.

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