17 August 2006

ASA rebukes Walkers over mailout’s crisp salt claims

Walkers Crisps, the PepsiCo-owned snacks brand, has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over claims it made about the salt content of its crisps in a mailing to consumers. The watchdog has upheld complaints from pressure group Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) about the mailing, which was distributed with 25g bags […]

Hot chocolate

With mobile phones becoming more important as fashion accessories than ever before, manufacturers are constantly striving to produce the next must-have handset. Following the success of Motorola’s Razr, LG Electronics seems to have the mobile

Cracking the MySpace age

When Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation bought MySpace for $580m (£306m) last year, questions were soon being asked about how the media mogul could turn the investment into profit. Websites with lots of users are not hard to find, but turning t

From search box to letterbox

The dramatic rise in spending on sponsored links in Web searches over the past three years signals a fundamental shift in the dynamics of direct marketing.

For children of all ages

At first glance, the character licensing market appears to be very successful. There is a seemingly endless supply of new and exciting movies, many of which are character-based, and there are a large number of television programmes generating

Bridging the north-south divide

Consumers are finding more reasons to shop at Morrisons, with like-for-like sales increasing by 6.6% in the 25 weeks to July 23. The improved performance follows a turbulent period at the UK’s fourth-largest supermarket chain, which struggled

Terror plot adds new dimensions to flying

Only the day before the airport terrorist alert, Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary was able to crow about another milestone being passed: Ryanair, he said, is now Ireland’s national airline, displacing Aer Lingus. The terrorist plot is a milestone, too, he will find – but one rather less to his liking. It will adversely affect […]

Don’t forget good old product placement

I read with interest David Benady’s article on the challenging future TV advertisers are going to face. One of the areas he covered was product placement, which happens to be a medium that I have devoted 15 years of my life to championing, developing and generally pushing up the media agenda with some success. Mr […]

There’s a new breed of branded programming

I agree with David Benady (No need to switch channel yet, MW August 10) that the industry relies heavily on the 30-second spot and until alternative models are proven will continue to do so. Unfortunately, viewers with a less enduring attachme

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