17 February 2011

Single bond binds hearts and minds


Oxfam is attempting to extend its global reach and increase its income from donations by bringing its campaigns under a single identity. Karo’s story is one of hope not pity. Fleeing her home after an attack by rebels in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, she found safety at an Oxfam camp. With her baby […]

Who really wins from the data consumer champions?

Having been in the industry for 30 years I am proud of the work that I and my fellow marketers have pioneered over this time. Back in the late Seventies and Eighties, data was a nice to have rather than the lifeblood it is today, and conversations with customers really only took place on the […]

Fill the global marketing Gap

It was heartening to see Gap recognising the critical role that marketing can play in driving growth (Gap unveils global CMO in management overhaul, http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/GapCMO). It will be interesting to see how Gap’s new creative leadership structure will fare in delivering the sustainable global growth that Rosie Baker’s article alludes to. To do this, it […]

Can there only be one Dave?

Ah, Dave. So good they named it twice. And ah, the cruel irony of coming up with the name of the perfect everyman… and finding others have done the same thing. Yet I think it would be an odd move for an agency that creates brands to go through with killing off a much more […]

At-home opportunity

Lucy Handley’s feature “Are you being served by thirst for innovation?” (MW 3 February) raised a valid point: it will be the brands that come up with new ways of serving drinks which will succeed. As alcohol consumption in pubs and bars declines and more people drink at home, brands should view it as a […]

Yahoo! the comeback kid?


One of the internet greats, Yahoo! has since lost ground to the likes of Google and Facebook, but through new ventures, such as a tie-up with Bing, and a refocus of the brand as a content provider, it is planning a resurgence.

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