Look outwards to step up


Gaining experience outside the marketing department for a broader understanding of business is not just good practice, it is essential to boost career prospects.

The personal touches for career success

carrie osman

Two marketers involved in the Marketing Academy share their tips and strategies for career success, from never leaving home without a notebook to constantly keeping sight of customer research and always making sure they have built in a bit of ‘me time’.

Managing a marketing career is academic


There is no substitute for grabbing your career with both hands and being in control of your own destiny. Mentors from The Marketing Academy talk through their tips for success.

The responsible way to boost your career

sherilyn shacke;l

Sherilyn ShackellFounderThe Marketing Academy Who’s responsible for your career development? Well, put simply – you are. The Marketing Academy is delighted to collaborate with Marketing Week to bring you this supplement on career development. The start of a new year never fails to spark a flurry of marketers evaluating their levels of job satisfaction, reassessing […]

How to fly when salaries are diving

Ruth Mortimer

What are you worth? Let me tell you. If you’re a man in the top 10 per cent of marketing earners, you may be taking home an average of £96,997. But if you are female, you can expect around £10,000 less for doing the same job.

Beware the loyalty prophets of doom

Mark Ritson

Everybody knows about brand loyalty. It’s one of the first concepts taught to marketing undergraduates. In a decent MBA programme a couple of weeks are spent exploring all the strategic attractions of building loyalty for a brand: price insensitivity, repeat purchase, advocacy. No wonder, then, that most brand managers spend a lot of their lives talking about, understanding and then protecting that magical little army of consumers considered to be loyalists.

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