17 March 2011

Time to brush up on your floor play?


Retailers could be throwing money away on their brand communications because a third of customers are turned off by the in-store experience, according to exclusive research. And this is being exacerbated by online channels raising shoppers’ expectations. Today’s retailers are under exceptional strain. Rising commodity prices, a post-recession environment and competing with widespread discounting means […]

Adobe: CSR


Click here to read the cover feature: Ann Lewnes, senior VP of marketing, AdobeClick here to read a one-to-one Q&A with Ann Lewnes As well as driving Adobe’s corporate positioning, its branding and identity, Ann Lewnes also oversees Adobe’s internal communications and community relations efforts. This includes the Adobe Foundation, which funds philanthropic initiatives around […]

One-to-one Q&A with Ann Lewnes

Click here to read the cover feature: Ann Lewnes, senior VP of marketing, AdobeClick here to read about Adobe’s CSR Marketing Week (MW): Your tools are expensive, and some go up against cheaper alternatives. Does any of that force down your price points? Ann Lewnes (AL): Our products are the best in every category, so […]

…Or limit social media in-house

I disagree about hiring a social media specialist in your ’Gambling on the future…’ article. Brands and marketing departments doing their own social media tend to end up talking about just themselves all the time. If you are asking people to like you or follow you, they need to get something in return, not just […]

Don’t recoil from customer contact…

Your ’Gambling on the future…article (MW 10 March) rightly said that one of the things brands need to do to prosper in this digital age is get their customer service right. Great customer service promotes brand affinity and drives customer satisfaction. Put simply, it boosts the bottom line. Yet, customer service as we know it […]

web comment

What price good design? The recent feature on effective design got marketers talking. Find the feature ’We all love (but don’t want to pay for) good design’ at www.mwlinks.co.uk/GoodDesign and see some extracts of your comments below. The problem is senior managers and the people signing off payments, who have no input in the design, […]

The true worth of the adult collectors of digital content

I read Phil Guest of Sulake’s response to your ’Children’s Collectables’ feature (MW 17 February) with interest; he gave some valuable insight into the way teenagers collect and trade virtual goods as their interests shift online. The New Definition of Childhood research didn’t mean to imply that collecting drops off as children get older – […]

Not seen but still cool?

Plain truth: Tobacco will be made to appear illicit and so exciting

The news that the government is planning to ban the display of cigarettes in stores, while a natural progression from its plain-packaging initiative, is further proof that politicians do not understand the dynamics at play here. The introduction of plain packaging removes the ability of consumers to make an informed choice. The removal of the […]

Redouble your rewards with a team effort


More service-led companies are using voucher schemes to partner with trusted retail brands and share the benefits of increased sales and prestige. Money-off vouchers have been around since brands were invented, but when two brands get together to offer deals in partnership, the benefits for both can be considerable. And in this culture of consumer […]

Can you strike a financial chord with the masses?


John Lewis and Tesco do it; football clubs and music artists do it. But is funding the business through contributions from fans an option for less well-known or passion-evoking brands? Last week John Lewis asked customers and staff to pledge money to help it raise £50m to expand its business. It wants people to deposit […]

Brands must believe the f-commerce hype

The opportunity Facebook commerce offers brands is currently worth many billions of pounds and it is likely to grow in value. We live in an instant gratification society. Everything has to be now, now, now. When we search for something we need instant results; when we talk to someone we want a response straight away; […]

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