The future is bright for NFC technology

I read Michael Barnett’s article ‘M-commerce moves into the mainstream’ ( with interest. While I was unsurprised that only 4% of consumers had used their mobile to pay for something at the checkout to date, I agree with Paul Griffiths that the future for near field communication and the mobile wallet is bright. NFC technology […]

The three stooges of marketing theory

Mark Ritson

For every time I encounter a marketer with awesome insights, distinctive positioning, the right brand architecture and disruptive execution, I have to struggle through multiple inane, flabby marketing presentations. In particular, I’d like to emphasise three approaches that seem to crop up with frightening consistency and which immediately signal that a marketing plan is crap […]

Web comment: The dying art of grammar

The Secret Marketer highlighted a possible generation gap in the importance of good grammar and style in internal and external communications in a recent column. Find the article here and comment extracts below. I completely agree that communication is an art. I strongly believe that spelling and grammar are vital to a company’s professionalism, […]

Is celebrity content in our campaigns of real value?

News of the latest Marks & Spencer campaign featuring Joanna Lumley ( raised a debate in the Summersault office over the value of celebrity content in campaigns and publications. As consumers, we are bombarded daily with celebrity endorsements for everything from coffee to holidays. What does this say about marketers’ views of what motivates and […]

Get involved in the talent conversation

Ruth Mortimer

British businesses are failing to protect their talent. While one in five employees is apparently planning a job move in the next 12 months, just 29% of firms say staff defection is a significant concern, according to a report from Vodafone on corporate risk. Just 10% of those surveyed claimed to have robust plans in […]

Keeping your cool

Polar bear

How can cool brands stay that way? Some businesses have been around for decades yet manage to stay hot, while others find themselves absorbed into the mainstream. Michael Barnett discovers the secrets to keeping off the well-beaten track.

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