17 September 2009

Brand marketers and agencies’ single goal

Mark Choueke

If you don’t have a strong and trusting relationship with your customers, you don’t have anything. You may have the sexiest brand with the most fantastic premium positioning, but if you aren’t investing in a bond with each and every one of your customers, they are likely to see you as irrelevant.

Marketers are failing to get in on cinema act

I was surprised to learn that marketing directors aren’t considering cinema as part of their media priorities this year (“Marketers are targeting new customers and forsaking old”, MW 10 September), particularly as it is resonating so strongly with consumers at present.

Who’s managing your relationships?

Outsourcing customer relationship management is moving up the agenda. But is your CRM safe in the hands of an agency, and will the cost reductions made outweigh the potential loss of control over customer communications?

The secret marketer

The first week back after the school holidays is best known for boosting traffic on the roads as the rat-race recommences. This year delivered the usual levels of commuter chaos but perhaps a great deal more on the marketing news front than one usually expects for the first week back. First, sports marketing. With Fabio […]

Money-offs are enriching this pizza brand

Emma Ayrey of TNS Retail & Shopper is right to raise the subject of the impact offers could have on brand loyalty and image (Debate, MW 3 September) but she can rest easy – the Pizza Express brand is in good shape.

Begin the fightback against the supermarket own-brand

UK brands have a real battle on their hands to retain market share as recent research suggests that consumers will favour premium own-brand goods over branded goods after the recession (Threat of own brands continues as economy recovers, Marketingweek.co.uk, 24 August).

EVouchers are a hit

The article “It’s a coupon revolution” (Marketing- week.co.uk, 8 September) raised some interesting views on the future of online vouchers in maintaining consumer trust and providing a good return on investment for brands investing in these types of marketing activities.

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