18 August 2011

Spare us this riot of dodgy brand theories


Britain has been under attack in recent days as a politically motivated over-reaction has swept the country. No, I am not talking about the riots that broke out in London, Birmingham and Manchester. I am referring to the journalists and assortment of branding ’experts’ who subsequently attempted to explain the rioting with quack science and […]

Marketers: Do the math

I am intrigued by Carol Vorderman’s suggestion that pupils study maths to the age of 18. Vorderman heads a maths task force for the government and her report states that more than 300,000 16-year-olds leave school each year without enough grasp of maths to function properly in their work or private lives. Her proposal has […]

Co-creation can be so much more than this

Brands that are pestering disengaged consumers for ideas should look to John Deere to see what co-creation can really do. Something strange has been happening this summer. And I don’t just mean with the weather. Or last week’s spontaneous street parties. A multitude of brands have somehow assumed that I want to be part of […]

Google will stretch its marketers’ imagination


Google’s acquisition of Motorola’s Mobility division this week was an incredibly shrewd landgrab for the future. The move not only ensures Google has the heavyweight patent protection that can safeguard its expansion plans for its Android operating system, but also enables Google to compete in yet another new sector. For while Google has previously made […]

Q&A: Rob Grimshaw, managing director, FT.com


A fearless FT pushes ahead in the changing media environment. The FT.com’s managing director Rob Grimshaw talks to Lucy Handley about its major internal cultural shift to take on digital challenges, the trials of turning visitors into subscribers and moving into apps without Apple. Marketing Week (MW): FT.com has 3.7 million registered users but just […]

Softly does it to reach CEO level

As an executive coach working with marketers, Lucy Handley’s feature (’How marketers can climb to CEO level’, MW 11 August) echoes a lot of the advice my team and I give to clients in coaching sessions. One of the points raised about surrounding yourself with people who know more than you is crucial. At the […]

British Gas has lost its reason for being


The backlash British Gas has faced following its recent profit report (British Gas ramps up communications to repair brand reputation, MW 4 August) comes as no surprise to anyone in the marketing or customer service industries, or those with a gas bill. The company’s failure to effectively and considerately communicate its fiscal position with customers […]

Brands taking the law into their own hands


“The advantage that household brands will have over the legal profession is that they are recognised, whereas most lawyers are not”, read more here Read our case study on QualitySolicitors who “want to become the legal equivalent of Specsavers”, here Check out top brands discussing their legal plans, here Legal Industry experts give their viewpoints, […]

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