18 February 2010

Web ads hold cachet

The article fails to take into account the fact that today’s consumers are increasingly time poor and the media landscape is increasingly fragmented. Effective marketing is no longer a matter of simply splashing an advert on a highly-trafficked media outlet, whether it’s a well-trafficked portal, a high-circulation newspaper or popular TV programme. Savvy marketers understand this.

Power of email marketing is escaping firms

It is really frustrating to see a high number of big brands which are still not making the most of email marketing . We recently carried out research looking at the top 100 retail brands in the UK and found that 29% failed to even deliver regular email communication. But I think we are seeing […]

Digital media is behind 75% of complaints

It is the promotional content – the message which delivers a call to action which in turn drives behavioural change – that makes campaigns effective, not the medium itself. That means more and more marketers, across all media, are actually engaged in promotional marketing. Unfortunately, too many are still putting the media cart ahead of the content horse.

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