Get paid to write travel reviews founder Simon Nixon is this week launching a user-generated content travel website which promises to split its revenue with its users.

Pizza Hut’s rebranding is stale

It was with a sinking heart that I noticed something odd while flicking through a friend’s holiday snaps online. As part of his road trip around the US, he had stopped outside a restaurant called The Hut. Clutching a pizza in his slightly sunburnt hand, it dawned on me that The Hut was yet another marketing initiative from the folks at Pizza Hut.

Digital era redefines brand identity

Simon Clift

Earlier this month I was fortunate to hear David Plouffe, campaign manager for Barack Obama, (described in the victory speech as “the unsung hero of this campaign”), talk about the role of the extraordinarily imaginative use of so-called “new media” in the election of the first YouTube-era President.

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