The value of nationalism

Nationalism and brands

The Scottish independence referendum has highlighted the issue of national identity but how important is the role of heritage for brands, particularly in today’s global market? 

How Samsung took the wind out of Apple’s sails

Well, by now you know all the super-secret details. Launched with the help of usual suspects U2 and new voiceover stars Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, the iPhone 6 is upon us. It has a bigger screen, is better and more advanced than anything Apple has ever done before and will [insert your own hyperbole here].

Can you be too good at marketing?

Do you aspire to drive an Aston Martin or Rolls-Royce, stay in five-star hotels, have the largest TV possible? If you’re like me you probably said ‘yes’ to all of these.

Letters to the Editor: A convincing story doesn’t make a brand authentic


I was surprised by the list generated in the ‘Authentic branding’ article. I concur that many on the list are famous brands with strong emotional connections to their customers and can be assigned large monetary brand value, but I am not sure that they are truly authentic. Authentic brands have a much stronger sense of […]

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