19 August 2010

Media manifesto is golden opportunity

When Babs Rangaiah, Unilever’s vice-president of global communications planning, takes to the stage at The Annual, Marketing Week’s flagship London conference on 29 September, I’ll be in the front row hanging on his every word. For I suspect his presentation, entitled The Consumer Manifesto, is going to provide a lot of answers to some very […]

Seize the moment

The Sun

These are challenging times for the media industry but in this evolving digital world, there is actually a fantastic opportunity for newspaper groups to drive new revenue streams, grow their share of audience and increase reader loyalty. However, key to this opportunity is the ability to successfully commercialise their product offering without making readers pay for traditional news content.

Client partnerships should be brand-centric

“Those [agencies] that provide a one-stop shop have the expertise to place the creative idea in the most relevant channels. Increasingly the agencies that make the difference are the ones… that are truly media neutral,” says Elizabeth Fagan, Boots executive marketing director. Fagan’s view rings true and the agency model certainly needs review. But we’re […]

The 3.0 age needs fresh approach

The new era (Remodelling the agency relationship for the 3.0 age, MW 5 August) does indeed demand a completely fresh approach and a move away from using 20th century agency models and structures to solve 21st century business challenges. The advent of a generation of creative collective, collaborative agency models, such as ourselves at The Assembly have found that clients are ready for a different approach.

Mark Thomson, media director at Royal Mail talks brands

On 29 September 2010, The Annual from Marketing Week will lay out smart thinking, smart working and smart engagement strategies for businesses. Mark Thomson, media director at Royal Mail, is set to attend the event and here explains which brands impress him:

Follow the leaders and ‘walk the floor’


Steven Slater certainly made a name for himself last week. After 15 years as a flight attendant, Slater exploded while working the JetBlue flight from Pittsburgh to New York. Apparently enraged by one of his passengers, Slater broadcast a profanity over the plane’s PA system, grabbed two beers and exited via the emergency exit shute. […]

The Secret Marketer on Vintage

I spent last weekend at Vintage, the inaugural festival at Goodwood Estate. The festival is a collaboration between Lord March and designer Wayne Hemingway. The result is a grand setting for a celebration of all things vintage spanning music, fashion, art, travel and a whole lot more. Nostalgia has been in vogue in the marketing […]

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